With many different baits on the market, and new baits being made almost every week, Xtremebass Founder Brandon Tingey went looking for a bait brand that can produce consistently. River2Sea had the baits that not only were eye appealing, but proved to be the best all around bait to catch big fish.

River2Sea offers freshwater baits like crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwater, Spin & Buzz, Jointed Baits, and many others that cover the water. Brandon went down to Lake Falcon in Zapata, Texas looking to chase huge fish. He loaded his boat with a box full of River2Sea baits, a camera crew, and one thing in mind, to prove that River2Sea baits are lures that produce results. After 2 days on Falcon, many solid fish caught, he moved over to 2 other lakes in South Texas, and continued to catch fish. The video and pictures will be out soon....Check out the baits online at River2Sea or visit Daleys for a huge selection of these River2Sea baits in stock.


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