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With many different baits on the market, and new baits being made almost every week, Xtremebass Founder Brandon Tingey went looking for a bait brand that can produce consistently. River2Sea had the baits that not only were eye appealing, but proved to be the best all around bait to catch big fish.

River2Sea offers freshwater baits like crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwater, Spin & Buzz, Jointed Baits, and many others that cover the water. Brandon went down to Lake Falcon in Zapata, Texas looking to chase huge fish. He loaded his boat with a box full of River2Sea baits, a camera crew, and one thing in mind, to prove that River2Sea baits are lures that produce results. After 2 days on Falcon, many solid fish caught, he moved over to 2 other lakes in South Texas, and continued to catch fish. The video and pictures will be out soon....Check out the baits online at River2Sea or visit Daleys for a huge selection of these River2Sea baits in stock.


Xtreme Fishing Dream Winner

Congratulations to ticket No 433 Stephen McKee of Baytown, Texas. The XtremeBass Fishing Dream Package is yours and we're ready to go fishing!

Because of Sponsors like Castaway Rods, Daley's Hunt n Fish, Xcite Baits, Rat-L-Trap, Owner, Cooks Tackle Storage Systems, and RD Sports & Outdoors we have over $5,000 in Tackle ready to be loaded for a trip on the water. A special day on the water will be professionally recorded while you fish with some great gear.

Later this week, Press Release and Pictures will be on our site with the lucky winner and all his tackle at Daley's Hunt n Fish. Check back soon for more updates.

Special thanks to all who supported this event, please visit their sites and check out what products they have to help you while on the water.


Daley's Hunt n Fish

XtremeBass is proud to announce we are teaming up with Daley's Hunt n Fish for all our fishing gear needs. Daley's is our perferred bait shop during the tournament season. Daleys Hunt n Fish



In the last decade, the marine industry has seen many changes & become fiercely competitive. When the XtremeBass crew went looking for new rigs for this season , they took a look at all the major brands. The rigs must have aesthetics, performance, technology, resale value, and fishability. Most importantly is the brand & dealers professionalism. With this, only one brand met the standards...Yamaha Skeeter Boats. XtremeBass is proud to announce the joining of Team Skeeter for the season. EAT SLEEP FISH

"Congratulations to Brandon Tingey & Blake Poncio for accruing the top points for the year and achieving this status.  For their accomplishment, their 2011 entry fees will be waived for this region.  Good job! In addition winning the Angler of the Year, Brandon Tingey also was the first recipient of the new Dodge Ram Bonus that was recently announced. He was the highest finisher of the event in a qualified Dodge Ram."

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