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Team Jake Fundraiser

Having a background in Emergency Services, we have had many colleges who work in the Hospital. A good friend Alison, an ICU Nurse, has a son who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a bone cancer that is quite rare in someone of his age.

Jake is a Katy High School kid who at 18 years-old, should be out starting to build his life and graduate from school. Jake has instead been challenged to fight against the cancer for the last few months. This month, June 22nd, 2013, Team Jake will host a fundraiser from 3pm to 8pm at Mary Jo Peckham Park in Katy, Texas. During the event, they will be serving barbecue, hosting a silent auction, and a few raffles to raise money to support the financial drain while fighting for his life. will be hosting a guided fishing trip for 2 anglers as a Raffle Item. The trip will include all the tackle, shirts, koozies, and food plus more while on the water with founder Brandon Tingey. Brandon is a PAA Professional Tournament Angler and a Texas Freshwater Guide.

Here are the links:

TEAM JAKE - Katy Times Article

TEAM JAKE - Facebook Page



PAA Ft Loudon

The second venue of the PAA event is just around the cornor. Bass Pro Shops PAA Series on Fort Loudon Lake in Knoxville, Tennessee is May 20th - May 25th 2013. This event will be offering some of the best post spawn fishing with over 30,000 acres of lake. Smallmouth and largemouth bass are located in this body of water that can have both dirty and clear waters. With many different types of habitat, this event is open to anything. Bring your "A Game", this event is bound to be a show!




Xtreme Maps

When making these maps we had one thing in mind, put anglers on fish quickly! Spending countless hours on each lake, graphing, fishing, learning season patterns, breaking down ledges, creeks, humps, spawn areas, bait movement and doing this weekly. These maps allow anglers to get an inside look at lakes with real-time data that include GPS spots, photos, baits, when and how to throw baits, and techniques to help catch fish. Maps come on a waterproof binder that provide premium spots to fish. The maps are top quality with detailed & accurate GPS locations. The information in the map explains each spot and how to fish that area affectively. We also offer a SD Card with all maps that uploads the GPS spots directly to your Lowrance Graph. These maps are updated monthly by Professional Guides, and Professional Tournament Anglers that provide the best possible information to the angler. We have done all the research and work for you, now you can just load your boat and hit the water!


App on Android Market

Google just released the App that follows Founder Brandon Tingey across the country as he makes a run on the Professional Tournament Trails. Stay up with Brandon while he is fishing, working shows, and promoting baits with this constantly updated app. The wet blog, paparazzi pictures around the events and highlights of his challenges on the road and on the water are covered. Its not just a fishing app, there is more to the game then hook sets! Google Play Android App Brandon Tingey


New Year and New Adventures

With the new year always comes new challenges. During the off season, many anglers gear up for the next season, work shows for sponsors, and spend time with family. Brandon has been focusing his time on techniques. Working new baits, learning the new trends, and building his skills to compete at the next level. "I've always been a hard cranking, jerking, speed casting, kind of guy. I focused a bunch on the soft plastics and slower baits the last few months." said Brandon. "When you have boxes of Traps, and River2Sea Baits, it's hard to set these great baits down."

Brandon picked up a few Bags of Xcite Baits, his favorite worms and creature baits, and went to as many lakes and rivers as he could. Gearing up with plastics and focusing on river systems, which is a big player in his next tournament trail. "I really like the PAA Trail, it has a huge payout with a great Championship if you can make the top. The competitors on this trail are some of the best, and I look forward to these road trips and lakes."


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